Take Notes ♪ ♫ – 6.4.14

Pardon the minor hiatus, my life got remixed for a hot minute. If someone else changes the music, you’ve still gotta learn how to dance to it, right? Aight, time for this week’s batch.

Jamestown Revival  I mentioned Jamestown Revival in my original post and featured them in my Songs of Summer, both for good reason. I won’t get into the long story of how I became personally acquainted with these talented Americana musicians, but I’m so happy I did. It’s rare to listen to an album and love every individual track – but that’s exactly what I received with their debut album, Utah. Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay are two rustic studs out of Magnolia, Texas who moved to Los Angeles to further their musical endeavors – and thus we were blessed with their single “California (Cast Iron Soul)”, which was the tune that would inevitably get me hooked. Out of every song on Utah, it’s impossible for me to pick a true favorite, but there’s something about Zach’s voice in the beginning of “Revival” that completely rev’s my engine. Besides downloading the full album, I seriously recommend seeing these fellas live. Not only are they skilled musicians, they’re terrific performers who provide a wildly fun experience that will get you stomping your boots and shooting down whiskey. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing two of their concerts now, first as an opener for The Wild Feathers and last week at their sold out headliner at The Troubadour. Hopefully this will add to their fast growing fan base of Revivalists, since I’m pleased to say I’ve already recruited a handful.

ASTR  ASTR is a New York City based duo who apparently met in a yoga class. I first heard the Chainsmokers’ remix of their song “Operate”, but the original is just as groovy. Zoe’s seductive vocals over Adam’s electronic beats really produce a terrific sound. Definitely check out their Varsity EP when you get the chance.

Jaymes Young  Originally from Seattle, Jaymes Young debuted his EP, Dark Star, last September and has toured with London Grammar. He can be also be heard alongside Birdy on the bonus track of the soundtrack to the motion tearjerker picture The Fault In Our Stars. Similarly to ASTR, I originally heard the Milkman remix to his song “Dark Star” before discovering how terrific he is on his own.

Haerts  Like ASTR, Haerts is also based in NYC and like Jaymes Young, their debut EP, Hemiplegia, was also released late 2013, but Haerts has a completely different sound than both. Haerts places me in a teen 80’s rom com in the best possible way. I close my eyes and I’m transported to a school dance: the gym draped in streamers, the disco ball reflecting off my pink lip gloss, waiting alone until my very own Jake Ryan runs down the hall and makes the slow song at exactly the last moment. Or maybe he’s waiting for me outside, casually leaning against his sports car. Whatever. Something out of a John Hughes movie. BRB re-watching Sixteen Candles for the 300th time.

Mapei  Jacqueline Mapei Cummings’ backstory is actually pretty interesting. She was born in Rhode Island until her family moved to Sweden when she was 10. She lived there until moving to Brooklyn at 18 and even lived with Lykke Li for a time before moving back to Sweden to “immerse herself in Stockholm’s underground rap scene.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!) Since hearing her single “Don’t Wait” at a Memorial Day Weekend BBQ, I’ve had it on repeat and it will probably stay that way all summer long. I haven’t been very into rap since “the hyphy movement” took over everything in high school, but “Don’t Wait” has the sound that I love. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of her awesomely named EP, Cocoa Butter Diaries, but it’s still worth a listen if you’re into rap.

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Take Notes ♪ ♫ – Songs Of Summer 2014

Pineapples. So hot right now. Pineapples.
Pineapples. So hot right now. Pineapples.

Every spring, radio stations and music junkies are on the lookout for the next “Song Of The Summer.” Last year, we were #blessed with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – both featuring our favorite vampire, Pharrell. Even though it’s only May, there’s already a buffet of songs I know I’ll continue to have on repeat until fall. Calvin Harris seems like he’s trying too hard, actually naming his song “Summer,” but it keeps getting stuck in my head, so I’ll let it slide. Some of these are not new by any means, and some are even from last summer, but I DGAF. You can listen to my full Summer Psychos playlist on Spotify.

La Roux is easily my most anticipated album of the summer. How am I supposed to wait until July? I’ve been waiting 5 years, woman! Don’t tease me like dis!

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Take Notes ♪ ♫ – 5.15.14

Zhu So, I did a little digging, and Zhu seems to be pretty shrouded in mystery. Like, does anyone know details on this elusive motherfucker? Maybe that’s what makes him so great – it’s more about the smooth hmusic than the DJ persona? Whatever. I dig it.



Broods This New Zealand pop duo released their EP in January, with a full length album slated for later this summer. I’d highly recommend to anyone who likes Ellie Goulding, Phantogram, or CHVRCHES. Beautiful female vocals. Beautiful electropop sound.



Tanlines I first heard Tanlines a long time ago, but they’ve recently showed up on my radar again. I don’t hate it. They’re appropriately named, because this is the exact kind of music I want to listen to while I’m out in the sun getting bronzed. Call me crazy, but Eric Emm’s voice really reminds me of Sting.





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Take Notes ♪ ♫ – 5.5.14


Those of you who’ve seen the Ryan Gosling flick Drive may already be familiar with Kavinsky, whose song Nightcall is featured in the film. Aside from Nightcall, I was unfamiliar with Kavinsky’s other tunes, until about a week ago. Kavinsky is a French electro-pop musician, with some heavy 80’s influences. The end result is bitchin’ – I’ve been playing “Odd Look” (featuring The Weeknd) on repeat since I first heard it last week. If you’re a fan of French electro duo Justice, you’re going to like Kavinsky. Oui oui. J’aime ça!



Temples transports me to a lush field on a warm summer day, with a flower in my hair and a vintage VW van in the distance. The 2 year old British psychedelic rock band, whose debut album was released earlier this year, emits a beautiful hippie vibe that makes me wish I was on Haight & Ashbury in the summer of 1969. They also happen to go phenomenally with the new Ben Jones art installation in the lobby of my office. If I stop getting any work done from now on, you can blame the combination of Temples & Ben Jones for the natural high and hypnotizing trance.


The Wild Feathers

Mentioned in my initial musical post proposal/warning, I’ve been a big fan of The Wild Feathers for the last few months and was fortunate enough to see them headline at The Troubadour in early March. I’m going to be honest, I was not hooked immediately, but once I was, it was impossible to stop listening to them. With every play, each song grew on me exponentially – now I’m obsessed. They performed at Stagecoach a few weeks ago and I strongly recommended them to my friends in attendance, just as I’m recommending them to you now. The Wild Feathers are a great band for people who enjoy Southern rock influences but may or may not often dive into full blown country. This is an excellent band that you should familiarize yourself with ASAP. I’ll definitely be seeing them again.



Flume is HOT AF right now. The 22 year old Australian has some killer remixes that have begun to blow up. Currently, I’m trying to figure out my August schedule so I’ll be able to see him when he comes to Los Angeles on the 8th or 9th later this summer. Unfortunately, his remix of Lorde’s Tennis Court is not yet available on Spotify, so that’s definitely been missing from my usual playlist action.



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Take Notes ♪ ♫ – 4.22.14


American Royalty

I saw these Brooklyn based guys at a Halloween event last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Their psychedelic sounds are funky and soothing and I can’t wait to see them perform again. They’re also chill AF.

John Newman

I had only heard his vocals on Rudimental’s tracks “Feel The Love” and “Not Giving In” and after seeing him perform with them at Coachella, the kid has some badass talents. Definitely another name to check out in this white boy soul/R&B/pop/Motown thing that is happening right now.


Mentioned above, I saw Rudimental at Coachella and their set was off the hook. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised because the entire thing was fun and filled overall great performances. “Feel The Love” got me started, but my far and away favorite is “Free” featuring the vocal stylings of Emeli Sande.


Tove Lo

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not really sure how to pronounce her name. Is is “Tove” like “Love” or like “Stove”? Someone answer this for me. Anyway, her song “Habits” is addicting. Definitely started a habit of listening to this chick on repeat.



Liz Nistico and Louie Diller are a talented and totally cool duo. Their songs are upbeat and definitely bring great vibes. It makes sense they have a song called “Happy With Me” because that is exactly how I feel listening to their music. Way to go, Louie!


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Your Coachella Spirit Guide (via Hey! Shiny Objects!)

Apparently I did something right, because the lovely Hannah Lux Davis of Hey! Shiny Objects! asked me to pen my 2nd guest article. This time: how to plan for Coachella. Bear with my obnoxiously detailed information and enjoy a voyeuristic look into my boudoir.

Oh, hey, didn't see you there, photographer in my bedroom.
Oh, hey, didn’t see you there, photographer in my bedroom.

The time is almost upon us when thousands will make their annual desert pilgrimage. For many, myself included, Coachella is like a modern day Mecca – where we gather together in various forms of worship, with maybe a little more hedonistic activity. It’s a place where tribes of every kind can all unite in musical and youthful celebration. As my fourth trip to Indio approaches, I can’t help but feel like somewhat of a veteran. It’s hard to believe how much has changed since 2011. My first Coachella was about as spontaneous as it gets – I ventured to the desert without any companions or real plans; simply a wristband gifted by a generous ex-boyfriend. Lucky for me, the entire experience resulted in complete serendipity, but I wouldn’t recommend that route to those less extroverted or insane than myself. These days, I strongly suggest going in with a few solid plans. You can always mix things up once you get there, but at least you have something to fall back on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about spontaneity and freedom, but a little prep never hurt anybody.

That said, allow me to be your Coachella spirit guide!

Click here to read the rest on Hey! Shiny Objects! 


Whaaaat's in tha baaaaxxxx
Whaaaat’s in tha baaaaxxxx
Help me, I'm poor
Just on one weekend of debauchery.

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(All photos taken by artsy babe Hannah Lux Davis)


Take Notes ♪ ♫ – 4.7.14

Well, here goes nothing. If I can provide you with some quality tunes and help expand your musical horizon, then my job here is done. Listen and enjoy.


Andrew Hozier-Byrne is a tall, skinny, Irishman with the voice of a god. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform at the intimate Hotel Cafe in Hollywood at the end of March and everything was utterly unbelievable. When he speaks, there’s something adorably awkward about him, and then the music starts and this booming, soulful voice flows from his mouth. It’s breathtaking. Not to mention, his lyrics are pure poetry. I’ll be seeing him again next month at The Troubadour for another sold out show.



Matthew Hemerlein (better known as Lo-Fang) is a classically trained musician and badass. He opened for Lorde on her tour, and I caught his sold out show at The Troubadour last week. His album, Blue Film, is filled with beautiful indie sounds that always leave me feeling absolutely hypnotized. As if his songwriting ability wasn’t enough, he plays every instrument. His demonstrated versatility at his concert was impressive – alternating instruments with ease – swinging his guitar behind his back to play the violin, while still singing gently into the microphone. It was stunning. Lucky me got to chat with him for a few after his performance and he is one chill dude.


I’m really digging the tunes from this indie-electro-pop duo. Maybe it’s just me, but I hear some similarities to Bowie in their sound and it is groovy AF. I prefer to keep GEMS close to artists like Lo-Fang and Banks on my playlists because they all bring very spellbinding vibes.


I am so stoked to see Jillian Banks perform at Coachella this year. Her sound is like a female version of The Weeknd, whom she’s often compared to and eventually toured with, and it leaves me mesmerized. Banks is one of those artists who really draws a specific feeling from me each time I listen to her music, and I think that’s definitely a quality I appreciate.




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Boner Jamz ’03

If the aliens in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind taught us anything, it’s that music is a universal language. Music can enhance our emotions, elicit memories, and move us in ways nothing else can. As the daughter of a pianist/ classic rock connoisseur, I was raised on some quality sounds. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m often applauded on my musical taste – whether it’s been Spotify playlists, road trip soundtracks, or old school CD mixes. It’s casual.

Phantogram Psychos
Phantogram Psychos

2014 has been an extra musical year for me. After realizing that I’ve lived in Los Angeles for years and never been to a majority of the terrific concert venues here, I knew something had to change. I used to be such a rock geek in high school – frequenting local shows and Warped Tour. Oh, Warped Tour… I missed those days and I did something about it. I’ve been on a role since February. Immersing myself in music, I sought out unfamiliar artists and upcoming shows. It started on one of those spontaneous nights when 2 friends and I found ourselves scalping tickets at The Palladium for the sold out Phantogram show. From there, I popped my Troubadour cherry for an evening with Jamestown Revival and The Wild Feathers. Hozier at The Hotel Cafe. An adventure to The Wiltern for St. Vincent. I’m on a mission and I’m not stopping anytime soon. In the next 2 months, I’ll be making 3 appearances at The Troubadour for Lo-Fang, Hozier (again), and Jamestown Revival (again). Of course, Coachella is approaching fast.

Since my recent obsession to seek out new artists began, I’ve wanted to share my findings with anyone who will listen. I sent out an email to my lucky coworkers with a myriad of my new faves, and the feedback was wicked – a few crazy kids even requested it be weekly. I obviously obliged.

So here is my question: Do I incorporate my musical adventures into this sorry excuse for a blog? Would you read it? Do you think I’m an idiot? Could you not possibly care less? Well, I set up a poll for the 20 of you who actually read this regularly.

Vote away.

Jamestown Revival dorks
Mr. Andrew Hozier Byrne

March 28, 2014