Take Notes ♪ ♫ – Songs Of Summer 2014

Pineapples. So hot right now. Pineapples.
Pineapples. So hot right now. Pineapples.

Every spring, radio stations and music junkies are on the lookout for the next “Song Of The Summer.” Last year, we were #blessed with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – both featuring our favorite vampire, Pharrell. Even though it’s only May, there’s already a buffet of songs I know I’ll continue to have on repeat until fall. Calvin Harris seems like he’s trying too hard, actually naming his song “Summer,” but it keeps getting stuck in my head, so I’ll let it slide. Some of these are not new by any means, and some are even from last summer, but I DGAF. You can listen to my full Summer Psychos playlist on Spotify.

La Roux is easily my most anticipated album of the summer. How am I supposed to wait until July? I’ve been waiting 5 years, woman! Don’t tease me like dis!

If you can’t wait until next week and want to stalk me check out what I’m currently listening to, follow me on Spotify, Soundcloudand DayJam.



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