Take Notes ♪ ♫ – 5.15.14

Zhu So, I did a little digging, and Zhu seems to be pretty shrouded in mystery. Like, does anyone know details on this elusive motherfucker? Maybe that’s what makes him so great – it’s more about the smooth hmusic than the DJ persona? Whatever. I dig it.



Broods This New Zealand pop duo released their EP in January, with a full length album slated for later this summer. I’d highly recommend to anyone who likes Ellie Goulding, Phantogram, or CHVRCHES. Beautiful female vocals. Beautiful electropop sound.



Tanlines I first heard Tanlines a long time ago, but they’ve recently showed up on my radar again. I don’t hate it. They’re appropriately named, because this is the exact kind of music I want to listen to while I’m out in the sun getting bronzed. Call me crazy, but Eric Emm’s voice really reminds me of Sting.





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