Take Notes ♪ ♫ – 5.5.14


Those of you who’ve seen the Ryan Gosling flick Drive may already be familiar with Kavinsky, whose song Nightcall is featured in the film. Aside from Nightcall, I was unfamiliar with Kavinsky’s other tunes, until about a week ago. Kavinsky is a French electro-pop musician, with some heavy 80’s influences. The end result is bitchin’ – I’ve been playing “Odd Look” (featuring The Weeknd) on repeat since I first heard it last week. If you’re a fan of French electro duo Justice, you’re going to like Kavinsky. Oui oui. J’aime ça!



Temples transports me to a lush field on a warm summer day, with a flower in my hair and a vintage VW van in the distance. The 2 year old British psychedelic rock band, whose debut album was released earlier this year, emits a beautiful hippie vibe that makes me wish I was on Haight & Ashbury in the summer of 1969. They also happen to go phenomenally with the new Ben Jones art installation in the lobby of my office. If I stop getting any work done from now on, you can blame the combination of Temples & Ben Jones for the natural high and hypnotizing trance.


The Wild Feathers

Mentioned in my initial musical post proposal/warning, I’ve been a big fan of The Wild Feathers for the last few months and was fortunate enough to see them headline at The Troubadour in early March. I’m going to be honest, I was not hooked immediately, but once I was, it was impossible to stop listening to them. With every play, each song grew on me exponentially – now I’m obsessed. They performed at Stagecoach a few weeks ago and I strongly recommended them to my friends in attendance, just as I’m recommending them to you now. The Wild Feathers are a great band for people who enjoy Southern rock influences but may or may not often dive into full blown country. This is an excellent band that you should familiarize yourself with ASAP. I’ll definitely be seeing them again.



Flume is HOT AF right now. The 22 year old Australian has some killer remixes that have begun to blow up. Currently, I’m trying to figure out my August schedule so I’ll be able to see him when he comes to Los Angeles on the 8th or 9th later this summer. Unfortunately, his remix of Lorde’s Tennis Court is not yet available on Spotify, so that’s definitely been missing from my usual playlist action.



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