Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation


HBO’s Emmy Award winning series GIRLS wrapped up Season 3 on Sunday and it was over too quickly. When it comes to this show, I’m a diehard fangirl. (Sidenote: About a month ago, I met Alex Karpovsky – who plays Ray – at The Bungalow in Santa Monica and drunkenly semi-harassed him about my love for the show. Not sorry, Alex – you didn’t even reply to my tweet.) Sometimes it depresses me how much I see myself in each character, but I think that’s what makes it so compelling. It’s human. It’s my generation. Anyone who disagrees is voluntarily blind.


The exposed flaws in each character is wonderful for Gen Y and millenials because it is going to make us more aware of our behaviors and traits. That uncomfortable feeling many of us experience during some of those scenes could be coming from a place of guilty familiarity. It’s not always easy to watch such raw material or see your own vices portrayed onscreen. To me, that’s what makes it magnificent. Have I caught myself grooving alone in my underwear to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” just like Hannah does in Season 1? Yes. Actually. I have literally done that. And you know what? It feels fucking awesome.

With the amount of people refusing to acknowledge their own narcissism, GIRLS is the breath of fresh air society needs –  made even more apparent by the people out there continuing to criticize Lena Dunham’s physical appearance. Like, I can understand that her nudity could be shocking on the first season or even in that random episode when her and that doctor were naked basically the entire half-hour… But, at the end of its 3rd season, how is this still even a topic of discussion? Why are people still talking about Lena Dunham’s boobs? If you don’t like her boobs or if you care that much about seeing her naked, don’t watch the show. It’s pretty fucking simple. HBO is no stranger to gratuitous nudity – but the double standard held by both male and female viewers is appalling. As someone who usually strips off all my clothing the moment I get home from work, I think she’s simply showing us something real and honest. Bras suck a lot of the time. Preach, Lena! Preach!

I’ll try to wait patiently until Season 4. She should put me in Season 4. PLEASE PUT ME IN SEASON 4, LENA! 100% serious.

shut up animated GIF



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