If you’re an active user of Instagram, you’re probably aware of the phenomenon known as Throwback Thursday. Although pretty self-explanatory, Throwback Thursday, or TBT, is when users across the globe post old photos to their various social media accounts. The general idea leaves much room for nostalgia and sentimentality, but the overall execution is mostly dull – and commandeering my photo feed.

RIP Shirley!
RIP Shirley! (Follow me! Like me! Validate me!)

Stahp. We get it. Do you really want to show the world you peaked at age 4? Do you want to remind everyone you were prettier in high school? Let’s quit it with the generic 2006 group party photos. I don’t need TBT to be reminded of double-popped collars and Abercrombie & Fitch denim skirts.

Obviously there are exceptions and they are the reasons that the #TBT is valid. Is it a particularly adorable baby photo? A destination/vacation pic? Do you look outrageously good or endearingly embarrassing? With a celeb? Was it something significant? I beg you to ask yourselves these questions before uploading another average moment in your history.

I don’t post many TBT’s. Like, every once in a while, sure. Weekly? Hell nah.

Maybe I’m just bitter I wasn’t as pretty when I was little. Maybe I’m just upset that the photo I uploaded of these Star Wars mugs is slacking in likes because it is being drowned out by the mediocre posts of basic bitches’ pasts. Maybe we all just want social media validation.

Okay, that’s all I have to say about this subject. Prepare yourselves for the Flashback Fridays. Woof.

BRB wallowing in self-loathing.


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