When Pizza Is Your Valentine – (via Hey! Shiny Objects!)

The lovely Hannah Lux Davis of Hey! Shiny Objects! asked me to pen a little guest OP for Valentine’s Day and I gladly obliged.


As a single girl, Valentine’s Day elicits mixed emotions. 

What? Single? I’m not single! Pizza is my boyfriend! Häagen-Dazs is my boyfriend! Wine is my boyfriend! 

When you’re single, it’s easy to think “Fuck Valentine’s Day.” Valentine’s Day is a marketing tool. It’s a Hallmark holiday, not a real holiday. Other people are flaunting their romance – uploading bouquets, candlelit dinners, private getaways, and engagements on various social media outlets. So many #blessed hashtags, so many dry heaves. Meanwhile, your swiping activity on Tinder is giving you carpal tunnel. Oh, to be an Olympian in Sochi this week.  You become bitter. The opposite sex is filled with morons who are allowing you to be single on this day, right? Right. […]

… Click here to read the rest at HEYSHINYOBJECTS.com


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