I’m about to sound like the people I can’t stand – the ones who bring up the starving kids in third world countries whenever we complain about our first world problems. Like, yeah, they’re always right, but we don’t need constant reminders of how shitty we are as a society. Or do we?

This week, I feel like I need to turn into one of those people. It’s not pretentious. It’s not self-righteous. It’s just me observing society and feeling sick to my stomach. Because if I see one more unoriginal Facebook status about Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s, I might actually hurl.

 Allow me to channel my inner Josh from Clueless: “Hey, in some parts of the universe, maybe not in contempo-casual, but in some parts, it’s considered cool to know what’s going on in the world.”

So, like, not to be a total Debbie Downer… but… Syria. Like, do you know what happened in Syria last week? Did you see the close up pictures of dead Syrian children on the covers of the major newspapers? When a government is allegedly murdering it’s citizens with chemical weapons, that’s something that terrifies me and it should terrify you too. I’m too young for a chemical peel. Now, I’ll admit I haven’t done extensive research on what has happened in Syria over the last 2 years. I don’t know all of the details. I’m not ABC or CNN or a reliable world news source. I just can’t look at those pictures on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and pretend to be okay, emotionally. Maybe it’s PMS. Maybe my conscience just decided to kick in. Maybe I’ve been watching too much of The Newsroom. (Which, coincidentally, has been running a story about chemical warfare.)

What is happening on social media right now upsets me almost as much. If we could just compare the number of Facebook statuses expressing outrage over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and about Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s vs. those outraged over the deaths in Syria, it’s just obvious our world has its priorities mixed up. I 100% understand how easy it is to brush aside world conflicts that don’t directly affect us, especially after witnessing that horrific television spectacle, but at the end of the day, how can we all be THAT upset over the fact that Miley has a flat ass when a country is using chemical weapons to kill civilians? I’m particularly guilty of complaining about my first world problems, but it feels wrong to tweet about all of that crap and not bring up the serious stuff sometimes. I mean, at least Syria is still trending on Twitter as of this morning – that’s giving me a little hope for humanity, even if it is showing up underneath “#Mileyasssmallerthan“.

I’m not sure what point I’m trying to make here. Maybe I’m just trying to say that maybe, collectively as a society, we should try to focus on the bigger picture. Maybe instead of monotonously attacking a 21 year old’s bad performance at an awards show, we should be focusing on something more constructive. Or at least be a little more original and witty about the commentary. I don’t know. Don’t listen to me. Rant over. Back to my first world problems. Where’s my grande skinny caramel macchiato and my cake pop?

Also a big shout out to this lady for this article.


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