Tinder Part I: What’s Hindering My Tindering


A few weeks ago, I appeared in Nice Piece Productions’ short making fun of the app Tinder. For those of you living under a social media rock unfamiliar with Tinder, it is an online dating app (sort of) that shows you photos of the opposite sex (or same if that’s what you’re into) in your area. Upon seeing each photo, you can click yes or no. A mutual swipe to the right (yes) indicates a match, and the two parties will then be able to chat, which can lead to endless possibilities.

Thanks for this, Mac
Thanks for this, Mac

Unlike the majority of my extended social circle, I am not a member of Tinder. I’ve already over-thought all of my reasons. Firstly, I would like to believe that I don’t need an app on my phone to get dates or meet hot guys. I also have far too much insecurity to put my photo on a “Hot Or Not” (remember that?) type of thing. We’re all judged enough online as it is, do I really need to be part of something that’s basis is as superficial as it gets? Self-admittedly, I’m a rather superficial individual much of the time – but that doesn’t mean I like other people behaving the same way. Do as I say, not as I do, minions.

Despite my inhibitions, curiosity is getting the better of me. Would I feel any greater amount of power being able to say yes or no to someone on an app when in reality we all do that everyday? How much would I screw around with people, as so many of my friends claim to do? What happens if nobody swipes right and I’m a loser forever!?

Part of me wants to see what all the fuss is about, but I sort of DGAF. I’ll probably succumb to the peer pressure by the end of the month. Shit.

And I caved.



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