It’s Okay To Be GIFferent


I didn’t blog at all in February and there’s one primary reason for that besides my ADD and natural inconsistency: Reddit. My brother made a huge mistake by introducing me to Reddit back in November, and I am slightly ashamed to admit how many hours I have spent browsing r/funny. If you’re unfamiliar with the website, I suggest you keep it that way, lest you lose days of your life becoming another cat loving Redditor slave. I’ll probably dedicate an entire post to Reddit eventually, but at this rate, you’ll likely be waiting a few months. Oopsies!


I suppose I can blame Reddit. Or sites like #whatshouldwecallme and When In LA. Or the fact that I need to do something more productive with my free time. Who knows? The point of this post is that sites like this introduced me to GIFs. And now I’m obsessed with GIFs. Obsessed. Annoying. I’m annoying.


Yes, I am aware that the GIF is by no means a new addition to the internet, I just don’t think I ever gave a shit about them until my insomnia started up again and I realized I could send them in text messages to my friends. *Cue villainous laughter* If you have yet to receive a GIF from me in iMessage, then you should probably be reevaluating our friendship. (or buy a fucking iPhone since this is 2013)

As demonstrated by popular Tumblr accounts like #whatshouldwecallme, GIFs can be an excellent way to describe reactions and situations. Sometimes, when words fail us, all you can say is simply a facial expression. Sometimes the cast of Girls says it best. Because I’m a loser such a funny and creative person, I created one of these GIF dedicated Tumblr accounts to waste even more of my time. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and insomnia is a biatch. Teehee

Click Here For My GIF Dedicated Tumblr!

Smooches xoxo



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