Seth MacFarlane: Hero

I’ve always admired Seth MacFarlane. I’ve spent countless hours laughing at Family Guy while stoned with my homies. Just a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to see him speak at my university and would have put out to have had him as a commencement speaker. This morning it was announced that Seth will be hosting next year’s Oscars and I nearly wet myself with excitement. Why? Because Seth MacFarlane has recently become my hero and he’s the fucking man. Giggity giggity, betches.

For years, MacFarlane has certainly been known as a talent – but I don’t think it really occurred to me what a vocal god he is until I saw him host the SNL season premier. I died. If your mind wasn’t blown by his opening act then you should probably eat glass or go jack off a grizzly bear or stab yourself in the eye with a fork.

I love Billy Crystal – When Harry Met Sally is by far one of my all time favorite movies. Steve Martin is the man. Hugh Jackman is a babe. And I’d take a space cadet James Franco over Anne Hathaway any day of the week… But the world needs to be prepared for what a treat MacFarlane will be as an Oscars host. The man can sing, the man can joke, the man has a voice like buttah. It’s timeless, yet reminiscent of some classic Hollywood Rat Pack superstar. I’m confident he’ll be wetting granny panties all over town come February 24.

If you are still unaware of the greatness that is Seth MacFarlane, I’m begging you to please watch his entire SNL set. (Bill Hader steals the puppet scene though… You look like this hooker I knew in Grenada…) After that, go smoke a bowl and watch some Family Guy and let it sink in that pretty much one man is responsible for everything on that show. Brian, Stewie, Peter, Quagmire…. MY MIND IS BLOWN, PEOPLE. AND I STILL HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN TED.


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