In an attempt to be selfless, I want to give a shout out to a few of my favorite sites. They’re witty, in vogue, and always down to party. I not only look to them for inspiration and entertainment, but for the necessary reassurance of my lifestyle choices.

Betches Love This – Satire at its finest. Many people around the globe would probably be horrified to find out that 99% of their content is 100% true, but that’s part of what makes it such a phenomenal website. It essentially describes privileged and entitled white girls of my generation – which is basically, like, most of my friends. Over the past several years, I can’t count the times I’ve read a new post wondering if they were tapping my phones or stalking me. It’s amazing for a laugh and I can’t live without their TV recaps of shows like The Bachelorette and Mad Men. (www.betcheslovethis.com)

BroBible – Okay, I know I’m a chick following a bible for bros… but I’m obsessed. Not quite as satirical as the Betches, BroBible contains just the right amount of hilariously frattastic douchebaggery to make it a gold mine. Sure, half of the time I’m on it I’m neurotically wondering if some of their misogynistic posts are written directly at me, but that is overshadowed by its insight into the minds of men and its entertainment value. Facebook Follies and Ask A Bro rarely disappoint. Also, they follow me on Twitter. (www.brobible.com)

iKarAboutYou – Penned by the witty and accurate Kara Buettner, iKarAboutYou is easily one of my favorite blogs. She writes about world events, entertainment, and post-grad life in a way that will keep you glued to every post. Through her savvy social media skills, Kara has become one of my favorite humans, so you should also follow her on Twitter (@KaraBuettner) – you won’t regret it. (ikaraboutyou.com)

Fair-Haired Flair – For the fashionistas out there, Lexi Aiassa’s trendy blog is filled with outfits that will make you want to instagram the shit out of everything. Lex comes up with fearless ensembles – both innovative and classic. Not only are her posts enormously pinteresting, but they’re a great inspiration to liven up your wardrobe. (www.fair-hairedflair.blogspot.com)

Swimming In Champagne – Speaking of pinteresting, this newbie to the blogosphere is sure to be a real gem. My friends and I love to party (duh) and get creative while hosting our own soirees – if you’re anything like us (and why wouldn’t you want to be?), then this will provide you with inventive and chic ideas for any affair. I’m really excited to see where Champagne‘s mamas Sarah Eigner and Caroline McMurray take this baby. Don’t forget to follow on twitter, obvi: @SwimsInChamps (www.swimminginchampagne.blogspot.com)

Design The Way – Caitlin Baunach is a graphic design junkie and queen. Her blog is filled with fun fonts and thrilling visuals that make me look at the world’s details a little bit closer (awww) – definitely worth a look. (www.designtheway.com)

27b/6 – David Thorne is an Australian living in America and he, like most Australians I meet, is hilarious. This guy wins Class Clown for the entire world. Highly recommended for a laugh. (www.27bslash6.com)

White Girl Problems – Written by Babe Walker. There’s a book too. No further explanation needed. (www.babewalker.com)


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